About us
About us

The story of MECO started from the desire to produce nuts and fruits grown in ecological conditions, here in Moldova!
Then we realized that we need to develop the "cult" of quality, that consumers will read the content first, then look at the price.

Our products are original, with a great touch on detail and quality, which is why we use only verified raw products. We grow nuts and fruits with a lot of love and care, we choose chocolate carefully because we care about your health, so we can offer delicious products without additives and preservatives.

The production process is manual and requires a lot of involvement, from picking nuts and fruits to labeling and marking each product.

We develop and grow, we produce with the thought of You, dear consumer, that is why we are different on the market.

MECO | With ❤ from nature!
MECO | With ❤ from nature
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